Medicaid Fraud Attorney


Medicaid Fraud Attorney

Medicaid was established to provide medical services to those folks in this country with income and resources that are low or below that mark. Sadly, the government has not been doing a good job of who is involved in fraud. Medicaid is a big business in America. Today, both the Medicare and Medicaid programs service about 113 million people. Medicaid handles over 58 million, but when you put both services together the programs ring the financial bell to over $597 billion of those green pieces of paper with the pictures of dead presidents on the front - Yikes!


Medicaid Fraud, Waste And Abuse!

Attorneys who specialize in Medicaid fraud are not only kept busy, but frustrated as well. Yes, it's a dirty job, but those legal men and women are equal to the task even though fraud and abuse in the form of billings for services not rendered, medical identity theft, unnecessary services and kickbacks still happen. It's pretty much like a huge snowball rolling down a hill and the more it rolls, the bigger it gets.


Who Is Turning The Other Cheek In This Rampant Fraud Headache?

Well, Medicaid managers can be one of the targets in the massive government health care program for the poor. Around $30 billion went down the toilet last year. According to some medicaid fraud attorney, Federal internal control guidelines notify each state of the migraine that has been going on for decades and decades, yet the snowball keeps on rolling.


Note: While many factors take the blame and contribute to this problem, the legal community, who continue to work the hardest to put a blanket on Medicaid fraud, can only do so much. You the business owner or worker can help put a dagger through the heart of Medicaid fraud, so do it.