Reasons You Must be Working with a Medicaid Fraud Attorney

         lawyer helping client

Many people who get notified that they have to appear in court to answer to the charges of Medicaid fraud do not take the letter serious until after they are in court and the judge hands down a harsh sentence. These folks think that they can talk their way out of trouble, and wind up in much worse shape had they just called in the local Medicaid fraud attorney to help.

Here are a few reasons you should pick up the phone today and speak with the local Medicaid fraud attorney:

  1. Your attorney has seen these cases all month long and understands what the judge is looking for. In many cases, the information needed could be supplied without having to go to court. This is not only a time-saver, it will reduce the stress level of those having to have this hanging over their heads all month.
  1. In the worst case, you do not want to show up empty-handed. Your attorney is going to prepare the case in a way that will cast you in the best possible light.
  1. If you were to try and negotiate with a judge on your own, you run the risk of facing serious penalties. The judge could hand down severe fines, suspend the benefits, or even make you pay back all the benefits you have received. Your attorney is going to negotiate to the least possible penalties so this does not negatively impact you for years to come.
  1. Your local medicaid fraud attorney has been in this court room many times and dealt with the representatives of the court too. This means your lawyer knows where and how hard to push in one area while letting go in others. Your lawyer will plea deal the best possible resolution for you.