Medicaid Fraud Attorney



Medicaid Fraud Attorney
If you are faced by an investigation for Medicaid fraud, it means that you are being investigated for having given incorrect information in order to get Medicaid benefits. Being slapped with a Medicaid fraud investigation notice can be really stressful especially if you do not keep your records straight. At such times, you need to brace yourself with an attorney that fully understand the eligibility for Medicaid and all the defenses that can be used for Medicaid cases. The Spondek Law Group is an expert in offering Medicaid fraud legal representation.

Our Services
Our Medicaid aid attorneys will analyze and review the CDR. CDR is a document that details all your Medicaid claims. We will then take it upon ourselves to find the documents that the HRA investigators. After this, we will set up an appointment with the HRA agents, where we will interview them on your case. We will carry your documents and discuss them with the HRA investigator and try to settle the case.

Why Choose Us?

Success is our second name. We have worked with different clients in the past and we have always been in a position to achieve excellence. This is not just talk, visit our website and read our clients’ testimonials. You will have insight on just how far we go to satisfy our clients. We strive to maintain this reputation. Therefore, we will always use strategies to give you maximum satisfaction.

Our team of attorneys have vast knowledge and understanding when it comes to Medicaid issues. They understand all the requirements for eligibility to Medicaid. Thus they are able to discuss and settle your case in comparison to the eligibility. Additionally, they are equipped with all the right defenses that could possibly be used in the Medicaid Fraud case. Click on medicaid fraud attorney for more info.