What to Look for in a Local Medicaid Fraud Attorney


If you are currently being investigated for suspicion of defrauding the Medicaid system, the time to get a hold of a local professional Medicaid lawyer is today. There is no way that you can possibly get together all the evidence you need to prove your case and then get in front of a judge and provide them all the information they need in a skillful way that proves your innocence. The local professional Medicaid lawyer lives in that court room and understands what each judge needs in their hands to satisfy the order.

Gathering Evidence to Prove Your Case

The first thing that your local professional Medicaid lawyer will do is read the letter you received to see exactly what the court needs to dismiss the case. Too many times people misinterpret the letter and go to court with too much information. Many times that excess information opens up a whole new can of worms and then they have to explain more than just the initial charges. Your local professional Medicaid lawyer will read and determine exactly what is needed, and no more or less, to make certain only the issue on the table is being dealt with.

Helping You Avoid Serious Charges

Your local professional medicaid fraud attorney understands that the minute you receive that letter, the clock is ticking. If the information is not provided to the court when they request, then you become subjected to a whole variety of potential charges. On one end, you might have the benefits suspended while the investigation is ongoing, and you may be subject to a fine. On the opposite end, the court may take away the benefits permanently and even demand that you have to pay back the court every dollar of benefits that you have received up and until this day.