Prepare For the Worst by Hiring the Best Medicaid Fraud Attorney


Now that you have received correspondence that you are under investigation for Medicaid fraud, you should not put this issue on the back burner because you feel it will just correct itself or go away if you ignore it completely. The truth is that this is a very timely situation and the longer you wait, the better chance you have of running out of time and then have to face the consequences. The first thing that you should do whenever the courts are involved is to speak with a local Medicaid fraud attorney so you can better get an understanding of what is happening here.

Reading Between the Lines

Although the letter or correspondence that you received states what the issue is, it still could be quite confusing, especially if the talk is all technical. It might be unclear exactly what you are being accused of, what the request is asking for you to do, and what the punishment will be if you do not supply the right information to prove your side of the story. The local Medicaid fraud attorney will be in the best position to help you to not only understand what is at stake here, they can show you what needs to be done and what you could be at risk of losing if you lose.

Getting an Understanding of the Charges

Each of the charges can be accompanied by different penalties. For example, maybe you neglected to follow-up and update your address after you moved and now your eligibility is changed. Maybe you were not forthcoming with assets that you have and the court would like you to clarify some things. On the extreme end, your local medicaid fraud attorney might inform you an anonymous tip was called in against you concerning your income.