Protect Your Financial Future When Suspected of Fraud


Protect Your Financial Future When Suspected of Fraud

When you receive that notification that you are being investigated for Medicaid fraud, you want to get moving as quickly as possible to get the courts all the documents they require or you could be lining yourself up for a long painful financial bloodletting. The key to getting this resolved as quickly as possible is making the call and hiring the local Medicaid fraud attorney as quickly as possible.

Gathering the Evidence to Prove Your Innocence
One of the reasons that you want to be working with the local Medicaid fraud attorney is because they can analyze the letter you received and tell you exactly what is needed to make the court happy. If you go without a lawyer or bring the wrong documents, you may be surprised to see that the judge does not have sympathy to your problem. The lawyer lives in that court each week, so they know what the judge is looking for when they send out that letter. This way you will not make a mistake when it is time to see the judge.

Avoiding Having to Suffer Penalties
Go to see the judge without the help of your local medicaid fraud attorney, you run the risk of getting handed a number of penalties that could really impact you financially for many years to come. The judge may make you pay a fine, and it can range from a small one to a fine that impacts you long-term. The judge has the right to also suspend the benefits today, or he can suspend them permanently. On the most severe end of the spectrum, the judge may instruct the court to make you pay back all of the benefits that you have received up until this point. Your attorney can make certain none of these happen to you.


When it is Necessary to Hire a Medicaid Fraud Attorney


When it is necessary to hire a Medicaid fraud attorney

Have you been accused of defrauding Medicaid? Are you worried about going to court and what the consequences may be? If so, it is probably time for you to find a medicaid fraud attorney and hire them to represent you in your case.

When is it necessary to hire a Medicaid fraud attorney? -- You need to hire a Medicaid fraud attorney most of the time, as being charged with defrauding Medicaid is a serious business.

Besides, why take the chance you will be fined thousands of dollars or, in extreme cases, even be given a jail sentence if you do not have to have either happen to you?

What a Medicaid fraud attorney can do -- Hiring a Medicaid fraud attorney is necessary because they can do so much to make sure your case ends up on a positive note.

First an attorney will assess your case and decide which strategy to take when it comes to defending you. Then he will make an appointment with the Medicaid attorney and talk about the case, and what the options are. In many cases, he will negotiate with the Medicaid attorney so that the charges against you can be reduced. If all else fails, he will represent you in court and make sure you get a good trial.

Doing all this without a Medicaid fraud attorney is pretty much impossible, and just about guarantees you will end up with the harshest of penalties.

Is a Medicaid fraud attorney expensive? -- Like with any attorney, you will have to pay for the services you get. However, there are ways to negotiate payments or to pay for the services over a longer period of time.

A good Medicaid fraud attorney will talk about all of your payment options when you hire him.


Medicaid Fraud Attorney



Medicaid Fraud Attorney
If you are faced by an investigation for Medicaid fraud, it means that you are being investigated for having given incorrect information in order to get Medicaid benefits. Being slapped with a Medicaid fraud investigation notice can be really stressful especially if you do not keep your records straight. At such times, you need to brace yourself with an attorney that fully understand the eligibility for Medicaid and all the defenses that can be used for Medicaid cases. The Spondek Law Group is an expert in offering Medicaid fraud legal representation.

Our Services
Our Medicaid aid attorneys will analyze and review the CDR. CDR is a document that details all your Medicaid claims. We will then take it upon ourselves to find the documents that the HRA investigators. After this, we will set up an appointment with the HRA agents, where we will interview them on your case. We will carry your documents and discuss them with the HRA investigator and try to settle the case.

Why Choose Us?

Success is our second name. We have worked with different clients in the past and we have always been in a position to achieve excellence. This is not just talk, visit our website and read our clients’ testimonials. You will have insight on just how far we go to satisfy our clients. We strive to maintain this reputation. Therefore, we will always use strategies to give you maximum satisfaction.

Our team of attorneys have vast knowledge and understanding when it comes to Medicaid issues. They understand all the requirements for eligibility to Medicaid. Thus they are able to discuss and settle your case in comparison to the eligibility. Additionally, they are equipped with all the right defenses that could possibly be used in the Medicaid Fraud case. Click on medicaid fraud attorney for more info.


What to Look for in a Local Medicaid Fraud Attorney


If you are currently being investigated for suspicion of defrauding the Medicaid system, the time to get a hold of a local professional Medicaid lawyer is today. There is no way that you can possibly get together all the evidence you need to prove your case and then get in front of a judge and provide them all the information they need in a skillful way that proves your innocence. The local professional Medicaid lawyer lives in that court room and understands what each judge needs in their hands to satisfy the order.

Gathering Evidence to Prove Your Case

The first thing that your local professional Medicaid lawyer will do is read the letter you received to see exactly what the court needs to dismiss the case. Too many times people misinterpret the letter and go to court with too much information. Many times that excess information opens up a whole new can of worms and then they have to explain more than just the initial charges. Your local professional Medicaid lawyer will read and determine exactly what is needed, and no more or less, to make certain only the issue on the table is being dealt with.

Helping You Avoid Serious Charges

Your local professional medicaid fraud attorney understands that the minute you receive that letter, the clock is ticking. If the information is not provided to the court when they request, then you become subjected to a whole variety of potential charges. On one end, you might have the benefits suspended while the investigation is ongoing, and you may be subject to a fine. On the opposite end, the court may take away the benefits permanently and even demand that you have to pay back the court every dollar of benefits that you have received up and until this day.


Help From the Best Medicaid Fraud Attorney



Help From the Best Medicaid Fraud Attorney

Working with the best Medicaid fraud attorney can help to get you out of serious trouble with the local court. The time between getting notified you are under investigation and getting help is very important because once the deadline passes you might not be able to get any help regarding your case from the Medicaid department.

Understanding the Causes of the Investigation
When you make the call to your local Medicaid fraud attorney, they will be in the best position to read the notification you received and be able to help you understand what went wrong. It could be just a case of you moving or not updating your address in the system and it triggered the issue. In other cases you might have been reported anonymously and the courts would like to hear your side of the story before they rule in the case. Your Medicaid fraud attorney knows that regardless the reason, if you do not address and satisfy the courts by the deadline, you run the risk of losing the case and having to pay a severe penalty as a result. Your lawyer will not waste any time getting this issue addressed quickly.

Knowing the Way Around the Courtroom
Your Medicaid fraud attorney spends a considerable amount of their time in court each month dealing with these type cases. This is the reason you want to have them in your corner as you have to approach the bench and explain what is going on. If the issue is complicated, you want a medicaid fraud attorney who knows the courts, the judges, and especially the law concerning this complicated issue. Your Medicaid fraud attorney will work in a professional manner to show the courts everything they need to be able to rule in your favor and more importantly put this entire issue behind you.


Prepare For the Worst by Hiring the Best Medicaid Fraud Attorney


Now that you have received correspondence that you are under investigation for Medicaid fraud, you should not put this issue on the back burner because you feel it will just correct itself or go away if you ignore it completely. The truth is that this is a very timely situation and the longer you wait, the better chance you have of running out of time and then have to face the consequences. The first thing that you should do whenever the courts are involved is to speak with a local Medicaid fraud attorney so you can better get an understanding of what is happening here.

Reading Between the Lines

Although the letter or correspondence that you received states what the issue is, it still could be quite confusing, especially if the talk is all technical. It might be unclear exactly what you are being accused of, what the request is asking for you to do, and what the punishment will be if you do not supply the right information to prove your side of the story. The local Medicaid fraud attorney will be in the best position to help you to not only understand what is at stake here, they can show you what needs to be done and what you could be at risk of losing if you lose.

Getting an Understanding of the Charges

Each of the charges can be accompanied by different penalties. For example, maybe you neglected to follow-up and update your address after you moved and now your eligibility is changed. Maybe you were not forthcoming with assets that you have and the court would like you to clarify some things. On the extreme end, your local medicaid fraud attorney might inform you an anonymous tip was called in against you concerning your income.

Medicaid Fraud Attorney Can Help Today



Medicaid Fraud Attorney Can Help Today

The day that you receive notice from the Medicaid department that you have been investigated, your whole life can change on a dime. That day you receive notification you are not sure if you are going to be heavily fine or worse. The first thing that you must do regardless how well you understand the law is to call and hire a local Medicaid fraud attorney. This is the first step in the process that will allow you to find some resolution.

Talking With an Expert
Before you hire the medicaid fraud attorney, you need to ask them some important questions about their experience. Begin by asking about past experience, and exactly which attorney will be handling your case. What track record concerning settlements does this lawyer have, and how many cases settled before they went to court. Ask about what penalties their clients wind up paying and how many actually walked away without owing anything. Now is the time to see their track record before you are standing in front of a judge. Once you get all the answers you need to hear, then you are in the best position to hire your lawyer.

Understanding Potential Penalties
When you are summonsed to appear because of defrauding the system, the list of potential penalties can be quite long. On the short end, you might only have to pay a small fine and then update your records. On the other end, not only could you lose your benefits altogether, you could be forced to pay back every penny that you received or face a lengthy jail sentence. If you go to court without a Medicaid fraud attorney, then you can expect the worst because there is no way that you are up on all the latest laws and regulations concerning this type case.